I now have a wonderfully integrated website at www.sarahjanenelson.com and there you'll find info on family life, LIFE IS ROSEY jewelry design, my acting career, singing/songwriting, and of course the ramblings of my blogging which I promise will pick up some momentum this year as I have many exciting articles in mind! Fun! So go on over to www.sarahjanenelson.com and keep an eye on the progress as my site grows!
Thanks so much,
Sarah Jane


And the Winner is...

Thank you all on the Life Is Rosey Facebook Fan Page and also on this blog for your entries in the GIVEAWAY! It was really lovely to be "shared" with so many of your friends and more than that I loved hearing why your LIFE IS ROSEY. I have been busy filling many many orders this week and I want to say thank you for spreading the word about my little hand stamped jewelry business that actually paid the rent this month! It means the world to me to do something I love and start to see a glimmer of hope that it could be a real job for me in the future. To top it off, my kids are sleeping in this morning and for 2 year old Mateo that's an act of God for sure. Ha Ha... So, before they wake up, I am excited to announce that the winner of the GIVEAWAY is ELIZABETH! I had a chance just now to browse through her blog and I love it! Check it out at http://princessnebraska.wordpress.com/ and read her fabulous writing and also great book reviews. So, Elizabeth, e-mail me at sj at lifeisrosey dot com and we'll talk FREE NECKLACE. Thanks again to all of you who entered the giveaway. There will be more to come. Meanwhile, I'm about to get started on this blog and I have some great articles in the works. I hope you'll all subscribe and stay up to date with my ramblings. Happy Happy Monday! :) Sarah Jane


It's Giveaway Time Again!

It's time to get us all in the holiday spirit with another JEWELRY GIVEAWAY!

How to enter:

1. Spread the word about www.lifeisrosey.com - Tell your friends what you like about my LIFE IS ROSEY store on your Facebook and/or Twitter profile. Be sure to include a link to www.lifeisrosey.com - If you don't have Facebook or Twitter, just send an e-mail to your friends. :)

2. Post a comment on this blog or on my Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/lifeisrosey) telling me why your LIFE IS ROSEY and you're in the drawing! THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE ENTERED IN THE DRAWING!

3. BONUS! - To be entered TWICE, also help me with a little market research! Let me know if you're more a "silver person" or a "gold person" when it comes to jewelry.

4. BONUS BONUS! - While I'm in the market reserach mood, to be entered a THIRD time, tell me if, when you buy jewelry, if you usually gravitate to necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings... You can say more than one. I have some new designs in the works so I'm excited to hear what you guys are intersted in...

I'll do the drawing Sunday November 28th.
Happy Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
:) Sarah Jane
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The Giveaway Winner is Announced!

Watch this video to see if you WON! Rosey and I had fun making it in our backyard. We finally got to the drawing part after spilling all the names a few times while she swished the bowl to mix them up. This is take 5 I think. LOL :) Sarah Jane


Giveaway Day is Almost Here!

Only 2 more days to sign up for the Giveaway! To be entered, just post a comment on my facebook fan page and subscribe to this blog... Please help me spread the word! It's easy and there WILL be a winner on Saturday!
:) Sarah Jane



It's GIVEAWAY TIME! My www.lifeisrosey.com shop is stocked up and the Holidays are quickly approaching - wow! Here's how you enter the giveaway - subscribe to this blog (scroll down, look on your right, put your e-mail address in the box on the right side, then check your e-mail for the verification link) ALSO you need to leave a comment on my Facebook Page Wall at www.facebook.com/lifeisrosey telling what piece of jewelry you love the most - The winner gets this brand new design called THE SCOOP. This necklace is super popular with women of all ages! Enter NOW (it will take 3 minutes). The drawing will happen Sat. November 6th. Help spread the word to your friends too! Thanks for your friendship and support and GOOD LUCK!


Rosey is a Sales Woman

So, today 5 year old Rosey approaches me and says intensely, "Mom instead of taking a nap today I have an IDEA. I want to do a really cool art project in the living room and I'll need some supplies." I said "I don't know Rosey that sounds messy. What supplies will you need?" She cupped her hands around her mouth with eyes wide and said, "It's a SECRET." I had to draw the line at "secret art supplies" but come to find out, the secret supply was... are you ready... ribbon. I know, I was shocked as well. Once I set her up at her little table, she said, "Mom, I need the TV on for inspiration. I'll watch Nick Jr. and it will inspire my art project." Rosey, Rosey... She made an adorable paper bag puppet and how that was "inspired" by Yo Gabba Gabba, I'm not sure. I just know I love my Rosey girl.


Rosey is FIVE today!!!!

5 Years ago today, I birthed my little Rosey in a peaceful dimly lit hospital room in a big ol' jacuzzi tub of warm water. LOVED the water birth. Thanks Dr. Jani!!!! Since then I have become stronger, braver, tougher, sillier, happier, busier, more exhausted, more confident, more knowledgeable, more resilient, more grateful, more joyous... My eyes are wide open to the beauty AND a the challenges in life and I'm facing it all head on. In the last 5 years my mind has been BLOWN in a really good way. Rosey, thank you for this wild and wonderful ride of motherhood. This has been a journey to a level of selflessness that I could have never imagined. Set into motion by your arrival, I am changed forever... We ended this wonderful Birthday with a bath together, Rosey and me. Once we were in there, I realized how fitting that we would celebrate her birthday in a warm cozy tub together, just like the minute she was born. Thanks to all of you who have loved and supported us through the years. We look forward to many more updates with all the excitement that lies ahead...
Mama SJ

Caption for Photo Above: Backstage before one of my Green Show Concerts at OSF, Rosey helped me put on make-up and get ready. Interesting tidbit: Rosey is holding the red toothbrush I use to brush my eyebrows. I stole it from my mom when I was a kid and still have it. Some people pass down diamonds and silver, in our family we pass down eyebrow toothbrushes... Someday it's all yours Rosey! Love that girl...


I'm an Extra-Small? REALLY Old Navy????

Old Navy has some very cute little scoop neck t-shirts. T-shirts are an important part of my mom uniform (fitted t-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, jeans, cute sneakers, heels if I'm feeling date night-ish and if I'm feeling really saucy, a fab piece of jewelry or scarf worn Stephen Tyler style as I like to call it) So currently all my t-shrits are stained, stretched, and stale, and I decided to stock up on a few new ones for summer.

I got to Old Navy, grabbed huge stack of all the colors and designs in Medium and headed on the 1/2 mile walk back to the dressing room where I found that the MEDIUMS were too big! Ok. So I go back for a huge stack of SMALL and lo and behold, they were too big too! What's up? One more trip back into the store and sure enough, the EXTRA SMALL fit perfectly. Now, I'm not bragging that I suddenly got EXTRA small. I didn't. I'm just wondering, "If I am extra-small, what do you call the thousands of people out there way smaller than me?" and "What is happening with the sizes of clothes?" It's wacky.

To investigate this matter, I just measured myself. My waist is 29" at the smallest part - 28" if I suck in. Let's not talk about the "mommy pooch" that sits just below my 29" waist. A measurement I will not take. I have pretty big boobs (34D) and a big hips. Basically I'm a notch smaller than "fat Marilyn Monroe". Back then, when she gained weight, the media made such a big deal about her new plus size body (I personally think she looked smokin' hot with her curves). Now in 2010, I'm fitting into an EXTRA SMALL t-shirt? What are the sizes below extra-small? Teeny Weeny, Tiny, Itty Bitty, Extra Itty Bitty?

I'm confused. Flattered. Considering wearing my tag inside out on purpose, but confused.
Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

Little Me, Tiny, Petite, Delicate...
Sarah Jane